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When money is managed poorly, Christians become a poor reflection of our heavenly father.  When we can’t pay our bills on time we are breaking a trust.  The words are often said “I thought they were Christians, but they don’t even pay their bills on time.”  This is a tragedy that can be avoided with proper handling of money.

 Family problems are often caused by money.  When there is not enough money to cover the basic needs of a household, individuals become selfish and battle for the use of the limited resources.  This often leads to divorce.  Proper handling of money will solve many of these problems.


Welcome to Christian Financial Ministries.  CFM was founded in 1999.  Our founder, John E. Baker, began the ministry on a part-time basis as a way to share the knowledge he had gained in the financial services industry with his brothers and sisters in Christ.  The goal of the ministry is to use seminars to teach others how to avoid many of the common financial pitfalls and to use their financial resources to enable them to enjoy the life that God intended for them.


Helping God's People Understand His Stewardship Principles

Christian Financial Ministries